23 February 2012

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new e-BRIDGE Re-Rite, offering improved performance and usability to e-BRIDGE Re-Rite users, due to a series of important updates.

The first improvement concerns the administration interface of e-BRIDGE Re-Rite. The application goes from the PC-installed version to a new Interface, accessible via a Web Browser. This makes e-BRIDGE Re-Rite accessible from any PC connected into the users’ network.

Installation is now via a URL rather than CD ensuring the latest version is uploaded.

In addition, this new Interface offers a far easier handling of the application. There is no need to navigate in various tabs to access the different configuration settings. The administration tool can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

The second major change applied to e-BRIDGE Re-Rite concerns its “OCR” engine. The FineReader OCR engine from ABBYY has been applied from e-BRIDGE Re-Rite version 7.

ABBYY offers better accuracy in the recognition of characters and faster conversion of documents. These improvements are already visible to users of this new application, and there are more to come in future upgrades.

With these two major changes, e-BRIDGE Re-Rite offers strong new advantages for both users and its administrators.